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Autumn: Leaves turning brown by
All Saints Church


Welcome to the website of the Highams Park Forum

This website attempts to perform two functions:
  1) To provide a useful source of information for people in the Highams Park area (NE London).
  2) To describe the activities of The Highams Park Forum residents’ group
Please use the buttons at the top and bottom of each page to navigate the site or use the
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We welcome your views on any matters relating to Highams Park and if there is something you would like us to post on the site then please email us via the "Contact us" link. In particular, we'd like to display an index of local clubs/societies and their events. Please send us details. Thanks.
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Beautiful Front Gardens Competition - Results
The competition has now closed and the judges have made their decision. The winners have been notified and the results can be seen here: Gardens Competition Page

Latest bulletin on Dam Works at Lake is here: : Dam Works Bulletin (23OCT14)

Website last updated: 23rd October 2014

Update History:
23 Oct 14   - Link to latest Dam Works bulletin (23OCT14) added to this Home page
17 Oct 14   - "What’s on" page updated (Mon 20th Oct - Community Ward Forum meeting)
05 Oct 14   - Link to latest Dam Works bulletin (03OCT14) added to this Home page
05 Oct 14   - Gardens Competition page updated to show results
04 Oct 14   - "What’s on" page updated (Various events added for Oct & Nov)
30 Sep 14   - "Clubs & Socs" page updated (HP Hort Soc Entry - 2014 show video added)
28 Sep 14   - "Seen locally" page updated (Signal Box open day - Pictures & Video)
27 Sep 14   - Minutes of meeting 15th September 2014 added
18 Sep 14   - "What’s on" page updated ("Regular Event" added - Tiny Saints Baby & Toddler)
18 Sep 14   - "What’s on" page updated (10/11 Oct - CESP present "Let's Do It!")