Highams Park Forum
A group of local people all interested in the betterment of life in their area.


Residents tending the station garden


Welcome to the website of the Highams Park Forum

This website attempts to perform two functions:
  1) To provide a useful source of information for people in the Highams Park area (NE London).
  2) To describe the activities of The Highams Park Forum residents’ group
Please use the buttons at the top and bottom of each page to navigate the site or use the
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We welcome your views on any matters relating to Highams Park and if there is something you would like us to post on the site then please email us via the "Contact us" link. In particular, we'd like to display an index of local clubs/societies and their events. Please send us details. Thanks.
You can also find the Highams Park Forum on Twitter and Facebook.
Please Note: The Forum's official email address was changed on 31OCT16. Please see "Contact us" page for the new address.

Website last updated: 18th March 2017

Update History:
18 Mar 17   - Minutes of meeting 6th March added
12 Mar 17   - "Signal Box" page: Major update to tell "The Story of the Signal Box"
12 Mar 17   - "What’s on" page updated (Dates for Highams Park Live added)
26 Feb 17   - "News" page updated (The Signal Box: 15 years on and a wonderful outcome)
23 Feb 17   - "Seen locally" page updated (Storm Doris visits The Avenue)
09 Feb 17   - "What’s on" page updated (times added to some future events)
04 Feb 17   - "What’s on" page updated (Film Club - Sat 25th February)
03 Feb 17   - Minutes of meeting 23rd January added
25 Jan 17   - "What’s on" page updated (8 new events added taking place in 2017)
12 Jan 17   - "What’s on" page updated (Film Club - Sat 28th January)