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Animal Sculpture Trail

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Animal Sculpture Trail

The animal sculpture trail comprises 12 specially created animal sculptures carved out of large logs on green spaces dotted around Highams Park. They have been carved in situ by local artist Marshall Lambert. The logs are locally sourced and were provided by the Corporation of the City of London from trees that needed to be felled in Epping Forest.

The trail was commissioned by The Highams Park Planning Group as part of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 and the overall event is called "Wild About Highams Park".

The map for the trail can be seen here (to print or download): Map

One of of our residents has created an interactive Google Map (with photos) for the Animal Sculpture Trail; you can view the map via this link:
Interactive Map on Google Maps

The official "Wild About Highams Park" Website can be viewed via this link:
"Wild About Highams Park" Website

Photos of some of the sculptures can be seen below:

Foxes in Handsworth Avenue (by the Health Centre)

Otters in Larkshall Crescent

Squirrels in Aldriche Way

Ducks in Beechwood Drive

Tawny Owl at the junction of River Walk & Winchester Road